BitFenix Spectre 230mm 900rpm black (230x200x30mm)

BitFenix Spectre 230mm 900rpm black (230x200x30mm)

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Introducing the Spectre™ Non-LED Fan Series from BitFenix. Engineered for both silent operation and maximum airflow, Spectre will keep your entire system well ventilated without making it sound like an airplane hanger. Spectre Fans are designed with sickle fan blades, which enhance airflow without producing excess noise. Fluid dynamic bearings reduce friction for long life and quiet operation, while an attractive matte finish gives your entire system a look that's second to none.

Technical Data
Dimensions (mm): 230 x 200 x 30
Current (A): 0.38
Speed (RPM): 900
Air Flow (CFM): 156.27
Noise (dB-A): 25.6
Air Pressure (mmH2O): 1.81

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