Eheim 1046 Outlet Adaptor to G1/4"

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This adaptor is necessary to integrate pumps produced by Eheim into a water-cooling loop. It adapts the pump’s thread to the G1/4” threads commonly used in water-cooling setups. This way, any G1/4” fittings may be used with the pump.

Please notice that different Eheim pumps utilise different thread sizes, and even on one pump inlet and outlet threads might differ. Be careful to choose the adaptor fitting your pump.

Material: Nickel plated brass
Outer thread: G1/8”
Inner thread: G1/4”
Compatible to: Pressure side Eheim 1046 (outlet)

1x Eheim 1046 Outlet Adaptor to G1/4"

Attention: Strong tightening of the Adaptor may damage the pump. To prevent fractures, only tighten finger-tight. An O-ring provides sealing.

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