HEATKILLER® IV eBC - Backplate for GTX 980, 980 Ti and TITAN X

HEATKILLER® IV eBC - Backplate for GTX 980, 980 Ti and TITAN X

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The HEATKILLER® IV eBC backplate is a useful addition for the HEATKILLER® IV VGA water blocks. Mounted on the backside of the graphic card, it improves the cooling performance while also granting mechanical stability. This is due to the construction out of massive black anodized aluminium. Even more, it also just looks good.

The backplate cools relevant components on the PCB’s backside. These are GPU, memory blocks (VRAM) or voltage regulation (VRM). Precut thermal pads are included in the scope of delivery.

Attention: For cooling the memory blocks which are present on the backside of GTX TITAN X cards separately sold thermal pads are available.

Recesses in the backplate offer compatibility to mainboards with extremely wide IO ports. The stepping near the RAM slots offers ample distance to the memory modules.

Isolating spacers on the backside of the backplate ensure easy installation.

The enclosed mounting material is optimized for usage with HEATKILLER® IV water blocks. The backplate can be used with water blocks of other manufacturers. Specialized mounting material might be needed though. This is not part of the delivery scope.

Technical data:
Material: Anodized aluminum
Dimensions (L x W x H): 265 x 98 x 4,5mm
Weight: 250g
Compatible to: Nvidia GTX 980 (reference PCB)
Compatible to: Nvidia GTX 980 Ti (reference PCB)
Compatible to: Nvidia GTX Titan X (reference PCB)

Scope of delivery:
1x HEATKILLER® IV eBC – backplate for GTX 980, 980 TI and TITAN X
1x Mounting material

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