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Badly needs instructions or a more detailed product description. Runs in parallel
von am 17.05.2020
I have a pair of 2080 Ti GPUs, each in a Heatkiller IV block, and have been very happy with the experience in general. However, when troubleshooting a temperature issue (one of the cards was 30ºC hotter than the other) I lost a lot of time before realizing that this block only allows PARALLEL flow.

One of the two GPUs was seeing less flow due to debris from a separated pastel coolant (another issue) and I didn't even think to check this SLI waterblock. As it turns out, despite the description saying it works in serial or parallel, it only works in parallel with the parts included in the box. You must buy a "serial lock" to easily switch it into serial mode.

While I appreciate that these high-quality products are intended for well-informed consumers, a 1-page instruction sheet clarifying how it should be installed, and how the block can be "easily switched between parallel and serial" would have saved me many wasted hours
von am 29.10.2013

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