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Excellent D5 Vario pump (16.07.2015)
My previous D5 Vario pumps (4 of them) that I have purchase from different retailer were quiet, although I could hear them producing slight high pitch sound and some vibration that would travel through my case, it wasn't anything intrusive, I wish they were slightly quieter, but don't matter what I did I couldn't fix that.

I've decided to try pump from different retailer, I was quite sceptical because as we all know D5 pumps are generally made by one manufacturer, the only difference you might see if you purchase one of them from different retailer is different branding sticker and maybe small aesthetic change, if any.

When I got 2 of the Watercool branded D5 Vario pumps I had my doubts as far is them been any quieter, until I have installed them, to my surprise I could not believe, they were literally dead silent, there was no vibration, no high pitch sound whatsoever.
These pumps are silent on All speeds, and I run them both of them on speed #5 in Bitspower dual Top, unless Watercool have done something and modified them internally which I doubt, I am extremely happy, this are the best D5 Vario pumps I have ever owned, finally after months my PC is whisper quiet, just the way I want it.
Also, I like what Watercool did at the back of the pump, they used perfectly mirror shine finish stainless steel plate, where the speed control dial is, not like most of them have cheep paper sticker.
Another thing worth mentioning is, the arrow of the dial that you adjust the pumps speed, it corresponds exactly with the number labelling on the back plate of the pump, not like most of them, the arrow is out of line with the number on the label.
Last but not least, the connection cable is twice is long compare to my previous pumps, so if you have long reach to your PSU you will appreciate that.

Those little things makes Watercool products so much more attractive, I would definitely recommend this pump to anyone who is looking for the comfort of quiet watercool computing and the quality of products that is almost extinct this days.


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